Shadow Text, Begin / The Mirror, Poem at Work, Poems and Other Emergencies, PUBLIC RELATIONS, APRIL (a performance), if leaking, Forever in both Directions, This Container, Touch(ed), Soft Reality


Iteration 1 with and by: Ellen Söderhult, Maia Means, Vanessa Virta,Nicole Neidert, Sonya Lindfors and Chloe Chignell
Iteration 2 with and by: Chloe Chignell, Ellen Söderhult and Maia Means. 
Supported by: DOCH, Stockholm and INDEX- The Swedish Comtemporary Art Foundation. ​



A bit of romance and also some other stuff.
A deeply superficial choreographic performance
A lapse from virtue or in it for the long run
And then she walked onto the podium and started to recite the Manifesto for Maintenance Art
Being several
Better half
Binaries are so over, quality and quantity are best friends some special Fridays
Chronic imposter syndrome
Clear Eyes, Full hearts
Committed containering
Do no Harm
Don’t Quixote
EPIC Tournament first round
Facts and feelings
Fear of failure and dreams of falling
Fictitious fake trying
Friday Night Lights Light
Gonzo choreography
Gonzo choreography has no need to be picky
Gonzo choreography is so over pretending to be objective
Horizontal tourism
I could have sworn Agamemnon was a lady
I have seen worse and other poetic things
I should not die happy unless…
If I was… you would… 
If I was an artist I would title things in a more specific way
I’m all for it I just didn’t think it through
In the end it totally mattered
Instead of Success
Intimate invitation
Is that a request?
It’s only art if it is useless
Many feminist’s elegy
Melodramatic journeys
New scars, old wounds
Ode to August
Ode to the speech by Michelle Obama’s husband
Once a Gilmore always a Gilmore
Opinions weakened with time
Pilot in parts
Please and thank you
Reading is Sexy
Seeing other people
Semi successful conviviality
Several feminists sparkling sonnet
Teenage dirtbags revisited
That man Oedipus
The attention seekers
The catfish experience
The choir of several feminists
The Cult of Likability
The farm dream and other abstract stories depicted in a way that leaves it up to you
The fundamental things apply
The inaudible lesbian opera
The incomplete encyclopaedia of random knowledge and dear dances
The landscapers
The most discrete amount that exists
The one with all the questions
The one with many dances and words
The one with the alliterated title
The one with the audio commentary thing
This could be a grievous error
This is transpersonal
This one is a fake title
Too fast for the internet
Trio not A but also not quite B
Ursula K Leguin is my hero
Used as found but always break the rules
Vegan hunters
We have no art we do everything well
What kind of day has it been?
What would most feminists do?
What would Paris Hilton do?
What would Rory Gilmore do?
You’ve been Gilmored


22.12.19 • publication
Call for Submissions, This Container Edition 08.  
31.08.19 • launch
This Container 07, Kule, Berlin.
02.06.19 • launch
This Container edition 07, rile*, Brussels.
02.06.19 • rile*
Collective Launch: Koreografi (NO), Engagment Zine (BE) and This Container (SE/BE), Rile*, Brussels. 
18.05.19 • launch
This Container Edition 07, Insister Space, Stockholm.
12.08.18 • publication
Audio Edition of This Container Ed06 broadcast by Montez Press Radio, NYC.
03.08.18 until 05.08.18 • launch
This Container Edition 06 Slow launch and workshop, No More Erasers Summer School, Brussels.
05.08.16 • performance
This Container, Iteration 2,  Index- foundation for contemporary art, Stockholm. 
01.07.16 • launch
This Container Edition 01, Index- foundation for contemporary art, Stockholm.