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Shadow Text engages with activating feminist mythologies drawn from the literary landscapes of Les Geurillieres,  a novel written by Monique Wittig and the sonic landscapes of  the electronic musician Eliane Radigue.  Shadow Text uses language and sound to guide the audience through an uncanny and decadent imaginary. Through sequences of reading and listening, we ask the audience to step inside a landscape of fragmented scenes.

Starting to speak is to inscribe oneself into language, which delineates a territory out of silence and the potentialities of the unspoken. Actions hold tension, hold vibrations that might become words. In Shadow Text we’re listening to a word twofold; how does it echo as a signifier and at the same time out of signification.Through activating distortion and syncopation, we want to translate Wittigs novel through mechanics of Radigue; through synthesizing; where sound waves are our words, our mouths a synthesizer.


Concept, performance, choreography: Chloe Chignell and Amina Szecsödy

Sound: Amina Szecsödy

Shadow Text has been supported by: WorkspaceBrussels, Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris, Kunstencentrum BUDA Kortrijk and Werkstatt Frankfurt.



25.03.23 • performance
Showing of Shadow Text in the context of Oriana exhibition by Beatriz Santiago Muñoz.

less recent, still present

05.12.22 until 17.12.22 • residency
Shadow Text at BUDA Kortrijk


01.04.22 until 30.06.22 • residency
Research residency, Cite Des Arts, Paris.
07.02.22 until 19.02.22 • residency
The Shadow Text, WorkspaceBrussels, BE
31.01.22 until 07.02.22 • residency
The Shadow Text, BUDA, Kortrijk