Le Chauffage, The Complete Text Would Be Insufferable/ Language as Prosthesis, The Agent, And then the doors opened again..., This Container, The Girl-with-her-tongue-out (chronicle one), The Girl-with-her-tongue out (chronicle two), A Strange Topology, Transtexting

Issue 02, 2021

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Editors: Emile Rubino and Felix Rapp
Co-Editor: Francesca Percival
Design: Francesca Percival and Felix Rapp

ISSN 2564-3436

Contributions by: Bob Cain & Linda Miller, Moyra Davey, Laurie Kang, Niklas Taleb, Madeleine Paré & Diane Severin Nguyen, Josephine Pryde, Slow Reading Club, Ken Lum, Isaac Thomas, Vijai Maia Patchineelam, Artun Alaska Arasli & Graeme Wahn, Stephen Waddell, Maya Beaudry & Chloe Chignell, Lisa Robertson, groana melendez, Victoria Antoinette Megens, Will Holder

When the seasons change, we give a last glimpse at the words and images printed in old newspapers or magazines before the layers of paper and kindling ignite — smoke gets in your eyes. On the page, what is said is often unremarkable, and photographs seem too purposeful to be judged for their intrinsic quality — these photos are not about photography, this text is not about writing.

There you are! The second issue of Le Chauffage contains photographs and texts, photographs of text, photographs as text and vice versa. Loosely thinking through the format of The Photo Essay celebrated by John Szarkowski in an eponymously titled exhibition at MoMA in 1965, this issue considers some of the artistic possibilities that can be found in such an archaic and historically male-dominated form.

Many of the contributions that make up this second issue are not photo essays per se. But each one of them considers the printed page as a space in its own right. The magazine becomes an interior where words and images entertain a malleable and distinctly porous relationship. At times, it is also a space where artists and writers from different cities were invited to meet and collaborate. And since interest in other people is also an interest in yourself, it is always unclear who is really transforming who?

We and everything around us hold charges of information and memories that are contingent on other bodies and memories to create an environment or circumstance (or container, vessel) in which they can emerge. This magazine is a room filled with guests. It archives touch and registers a moment just passed. Look at the smoke stains. It brings discourse a bit closer to our flesh and skin, and upholds our error oriented thinking. As housekeepers, we know that hygiene is an economy. Please come on in, don’t mind the mess…

*Words and sentences in italics were borrowed from the texts of the contributions to this issue.


04.02.22 • reading
Launch of Le Chauffage Issue 02, rile*, Bruxelles
14.01.22 • publication
Essay written in conversation with photographs by Maya Beaudry published in: Le Chauffage