Shadow Text, Begin / The Mirror, Poem at Work, Poems and Other Emergencies, PUBLIC RELATIONS, APRIL (a performance), if leaking, Forever in both Directions, This Container, Touch(ed), Soft Reality

…as if leaking is a choreography that explodes a poem into the theatre. It articulates a convergence between different materials of writing; body, voice and visual text. The poem becomes an event and the performers body emerges at the intersection of voices weaving a bodily and textual landscape. Words become theatrical objects, which perform themselves through both the visual and sonic. It challenges the limits of syntax by a split between the spoken/written and text/body. Using fragmentation and doubling in order to open an in between, a space of contingency, for its narratives and subjects. The language of poetry speaks from the margins, from exile; it is reinvented each time it is heard. It is a language of withdrawal, divergence and differentiation, the poem sings out to the other without knowing what that other is. The poem is subjectivity in the making; through its echoes the poem overflows its writer. POEM …as if leaking positions the poet as a radical historicist, the poet inscribing herself and the event, writing of this time with body and text.

…the poem as an event is volatile, leaping out from where it shouldn't and leaking in the silence.

Performance and Choreography: Chloe Chignell
Sound: Sven Dehens
Produced by P.A.R.T.S Research Studios

Thanks to: Bojana Cvejic



02.11.18 • screening
Slick Emergencies (film edition if leaking), Paperworks Magazine Event Edition, Nottingham, UK.
28.09.18 • performance if leaking, P.A.R.T.S Research Cycle Presentation, Brussels.