Shadow Text, Begin / The Mirror, Poem at Work, Poems and Other Emergencies, PUBLIC RELATIONS, APRIL (a performance), if leaking, Forever in both Directions, This Container, Touch(ed), Soft Reality


A performance landscape of vague images and porous bodies. We look toward multiplicity and simulation as modes of producing relationships. Construction and habitation are two actions that lead the performance work, building environments, identities and things - a network of weak gestures, connecting and forming. In Soft Reality time does not pass instead it rushes ahead, leaving us only with a network, spaces to move across and points of relation.​

Performance and Choreography: Chloe Chignell
Dancers: Amanda Betlehem, Ellen Davies, Alice Heyward, Louella Hogan, Ben Hurley, Rebecca Jensen, Leah Landau, Chad McLachlan, Megan Payne, Jacqueline Trapp, Matthew Hyde and Timothy Walsh
Supported by: Lucy Guerin Inc, Dancehouse Inc, Australia Council Art Start and KINGS ARI.

Performed at KINGS ARI, Melbourne Australia, 2014.


03.06.16 • performance
Soft Reality, Dancehouse, Melbourne Australia.
05.02.16 until 27.02.16 • performance
Soft Reality, Exhibition, KINGS ARI, Melbourne Australia.