Le Chauffage, The Complete Text Would Be Insufferable/ Language as Prosthesis, The Agent, And then the doors opened again..., This Container, The Girl-with-her-tongue-out (chronicle one), The Girl-with-her-tongue out (chronicle two), A Strange Topology, Transtexting


Written with Lili M. Rampre through the research Cycle at P.A.R.T.S.

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This publication is a collection of poems written through a method called Transtexting.
Transtexting explores the body’s implication in poetic production positioning the body and its movement as a listening aid, acting as a filter; a net capturing words, syntax and sounds. We move together as a mode of listening, a way to be with the text. Transtexting is a way to entangle ourselves in the voices of others. The listening is the encounter with an other voice and the writing a process of producing a collective voice. With an orientation toward feminist and queer authors we move through poetry, theory and fiction listening and writing with the body as mediator. In staying with the complexities and opacities of an authorship that speaks as a we we unfold this listening experience into writing.


15.10.18 • reading
Transtexting Poetry Collection with Lili M. Rampre, Next to All Those Organs you Love, Brussels.
30.09.18 • launch
Transtexting Poetry Collection co-written with Lili M. Rampre, PARTS, Brussels.