Le Chauffage, The Complete Text Would Be Insufferable/ Language as Prosthesis, The Agent, And then the doors opened again..., This Container, The Girl-with-her-tongue-out (chronicle one), The Girl-with-her-tongue out (chronicle two), A Strange Topology, Transtexting

The Complete Text Would Be Insufferable/ Language as Prosthesis

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We begin with the image of an idea in ruin. A small field of assumptions disassembled. A question no longer in need of its mark. A thought not sure where it began. It starts from the body and language. The debris of these three words, crumbling already at and, did not break apart but congealed the separations once made. We start from a research (project) undone and just beginning.

This publication hosts two parallel texts, an epic prose poem and an essay on language as a prosthetic device. The texts run parallel throughout the book leaving openings and crossings between.


Published by: uh books
Typesetting and design: Will Holder
Produced by: A.pass


Thanks to: Rachel Levitsky, Lilia Mestre, Stefan Goovart, Will Holder, Sven Dehens ,Ann-Chritin Kongsness (Koreografi Journal) and Gry Tingskog. Without your generous conversations and meticulous editing this publication would not have been possible. 

An earlier version of Language as Prosthesis was commissioned and published online by Dancehouse Diary and The Complete Text Would Be Insufferable came out of a commission from Koreografi Journal to be published in 2021. 


19.11.20 • publication
NEW PUBLICATION BY UH BOOKS: The Complete Text Would Be Insufferable/ Language As Prosthesis
01.10.20 • publication
Language as Prosthesis: Essay published in Dancehouse Diary